Amazon S3 Website Hosting DNS Gotchya

Recently, while setting up a website on Amazon’s S3 (see here), I was also attempting to set the mx records of the domain to point to google apps (see here). But, the mx records were not updating.

I thought this was a problem. Btw, I’ve never had a company answer my phone call faster than these guys. It is actually quite freaky and I was unprepared with my question. Literally took less than a second to reach and start talking to a human being. Amazing.

Anyway, I’m on the phone with hover and they tell me that the cname that is pointing to amazon is returning a faux mx record / screwing something up with the name server. I was a bit stunned about how this could be. Why would a cname screw up mx records. But it was true and my hover helper was right.

Apparently, if you have a cname record @ that points to Amazon’s S3, any custom mx records never reach the DNS.

@ - domain - s3 website

can’t be used with

@ - domain - mx records

Well, that solves that problem I guess. And I suppose this problem may not be isolated to amazon and is probably some unknown dns protocol that I attempted to violate. Wish it would warn me though.

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