Spotify Initial Reaction

- Streaming
- UI / Searching is extremely fast
- Can sync own music files

- No ‘genius’ mode custom playlists… Can’t they make it so based on a song it loads a variety of music to create a playlist with new artists that I can find?
- The UI is cumbersome. A better album view would be nice. Unless you’re searching their online database, everything revolves around playlists.
- I don’t have any friends, can’t it (spotify) perhaps recommend music for me based on my listening habits. Currently my inbox is zero.
- iPhone app keeps deleting my local / sync’d / offline files? Wtf? I’m assuming this has something to do with licensing or whatever where spotify needs to disable offline files if… whatever… it’s annoying. no excuses.

I don’t know… Maybe I should just do iPhones match. As it stands, it’s trifling painful to pay for a streaming service and have it be 96% of what you want, but still missing songs. It’s like a half baked piece of bread. I don’t want to go over here and over there. I just want everything under one roof. I assume iTunes will eventually add streaming? I’d pay $15 a month for iTunes streaming + $25 for iTunes match + app store still available to buy things w/ some type of genius, find new artists…

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