Unintelligent Design

Creatonism, it doesn’t matter what you call it really.  The implication that a divine entity had a hand in our evolution is hogwash. That is a very easy statement to for me to make. An easier one to accept given my reality. /o:p

Since I can remember, I have woken up every morning with my eyes sealed shut, my throat and body dehydrated and scorned, my ability to breathe barely existent. Every morning a gut check and close personal experience of the deficiencies my genes carry. My body’s inability to cope with contagions and microscopic life forms in my environment.  It’s imperfect design. A cruel rerun that plays out every morning. /o:p

Lately, things have improved. Through the science of modern medicine I’ve been reduced to sneezes. No more scratchy throat, no more prying my eyes open, no more oxygen deprivation when I run. The hard work, long lab hours, and progressiveness of our understanding of biological forces have allowed me to live a more enjoyable life. Saved me from the long nights of contemplating life. No human deserves to be mercilessly tortured every night of his or her life. /o:p

It is not benevolent. It is mean. It is sadistic. It is cruel./o:p

I am as lazy as the next person. But, I refuse to accept a lazy solution to a vastly complex problem that we haven’t even finished studying. And I don’t accept a solution in which someone I’m supposed to love is inflicting such pain. And I will never accept or wish it upon anyone else. /o:p

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