Website Redesign

Things of note…

  1. It should be less likely to crash your browser now given the absence of the previous crude attempt to simulate rain via javascript. 
  2. The design is based on (see ‘stolen’) from Twitter’s bootstrap project. Go check it out here.
  3. It is done using html5 and css3 with no care to support old insecure non-standard respecting browsers.  
Content will come… In time… 

PS - It is very likely… Actually, it would be very surprising and somewhat in violation of the known laws of internet linking that every previously blogged demo and example is not broken. I’ll work on updating those… 

Why did things break?

Personally, having an archive and code repo in folders under your personal website seemed a bit dated. After all, we have access to Amazon’s AWS. 

Now hold and serve examples, shared libraries and content, and past websites. 

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